Top Make-Up Tips

Do you struggle to create the perfect day time make-up look? Are you looking for the right foundation shade? Here at The Beauty Coach 360 I absolutely love the ARTDECO Make-Up range.  Follow these simple steps and tips to create your own personal make-up look.



Priming your skin for foundation is an imperative part of your make-up application, it will keep your foundation intact all day and looking fresh too.  ARTDECO skin perfecting make-up base

Selecting a foundation is sometimes a hard job.  You need one that suits your complexion, make sure you choose a foundation that is complementary to your skin tone so you will have an even blend when applying.  Your foundation should even out your skin tone and make you look extra flawless. ARTDECO Rich Treatment Foundation

Concealing blemishes and dull areas especially under the eyes, is a step us girls should never skip.  It’s so important to use a lightweight concealer under the eye area as this area is so delicate.  Other areas on the face can take a product that’s a little heavier.  Here are 2 of my favourites from ARTDECO. ARTDECO Longwear concealer waterproof and Camouflage makeup

While the primer does the first job to keep your foundation in place, a finishing powder will help seal the foundation and keep your face from becoming too shiny. Use ARTDECO Fixing Powder

Blush is the icing on the cake when it comes to adding colour to your finished foundation, blush adds warmth and life to your face.  It can be intimidating to use at first but there’s no need at all to be scared.  Just find the right shade and remember a little goes a long way, build up gradually.  I love: ARTDECO Blusher


The best way tip to applying eyeshadow is to begin with an eyeshadow base, this will help set your eyeshadow and also help bring out the proper pigment in your eyeshadow.  You’re eyeshadow will not budge until you remove it.  I love: ARTDECO Eyeshadow base

Now that you have primed your eyes for the eyeshadow, it is important that you have the correct brushes to apply these.  Flat brushes are great for depositing the product and the fluffy ones are amazing for blending.  I’m loving these berry shades at the moment from ARTDECO Eyeshadows

Kohl eyeliner is fantastic for creating a soft subtle eyeliner.  It can also be smudged in to make it very diffused.  I love: ARTDECO Kohl eye-liner longlasting

I could not live without Mascara, it is my favourite make-up item.  Used to lengthen, darken and lift your lashes. Will always complete any eye look.  I just love: ARTDECO All-in-one mascara


Eyebrows give the eyes such definition and truly do frame the eyes.  We are all very conscious of our brows these days and here are two products I couldn’t live without to fill mine in. First of all I take a brow pencil and I mark out my shape and then I fill in with a brow powder for a beautiful natural brow. Here’s what I love: ARTDECO Mineral eye styler and Eyebrow Powder


Never underestimate the power of a strong or simple lip.  Teamed up with a matching liner you can take on the world! There are absolutely loads of lip colours available right now and I do believe it comes down to personal preference and skin tones to determine what is best for you.  I am loving the soft neutral pinks right now, I just love these two products combined: ARTDECO Mineral lip styler and Perfect Colour Lipstick lingering rose

I hope these tips and tricks will help you discover how to create your own personal make-up look, all these products are available in my shop.  

Happy shopping.

Helen X