The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation kit to treat aging skin

  • Gentle clean cleanser – use am & pm, suitable for all skin types a creamy cleanser to remove dirt and pollution build up
  • LED Mask  – Uses RED light to stimulate collagen, added eye treatment to reduce lines and fluid retention
  • Brighten exfoliator – a twice weekly exfoliator to leave your skin glowing
  • C20 Vitamin C – anti aging, brightening and lightened pigmentation, use every morning before SPF
  • Retinol+ 1% – The only ingredient proven to reduce lines. Use once a week to help with aging process
  • Gold roller  – Skincare ingredients only work if they are working past the epidermis of the skin, so rollering your skin is necessary
  • Nourish – Nourish and feed your skin in the evening time
  • Protect SPF50  -An SPF that is lightweight and does not sit on your skin


This kit will boost collagen, increase healing, reduce inflammation and swelling, calm irriated skin and leave your skin glowing